God vs Satan

There is a battle in the world but it’s not a battle that can be seen in the physical but a spiritual warfare. On one side is the Great and mighty God, king of kings with a host of angels under his authority. He is powerful and ruler of the

heavens and the earth and the other side is his enemy and betrayer Lucifer or as people would call the Devil. He challenges God’s authority and seeks to dominate the world. There is a constant battle between God and the Devill

Heard this before!! I sure have; Most Christians have this view about the relationship between God and Satan as shown below


I came across this picture from Dr Steve Mcvey from Grace Walk Ministries and I could not help but wonder but the sad thing is that this is how most Christians view the relationship between God and Satan.  Is this really true? Of course not and this is an insult to God.

God, Elohim, One and only mighty king, Creator of the World sustains everything that exists. On sending his son Emmanuel to the world to reconcile us to himself, God’s love was manifested and now we are above all principalities and powers; as he is, whose name makes the whole earth, heavens, and even demons treble

so are we in this world. so as shown below this is how things are really in reality


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